Meet our members: Charlotte


Charlotte, one of the first and loyal members of Chester&Fields, seems to be cut out as a personal development coach. Her clients can count on the combination of her natural empathy and her energy.  And she always has some good advice to give (the ideal quality for a coach ;-)). We had a chat with this ’ small but strong’ woman in between her numerous meetings.

What’s your job as a personal development coach ?

I try to focus my energy in guiding people who are facing choices in their student or professional life. I guide them through every step of the process, with the help of specialised tools and a tailormade approach. Some of my daily activities? Thesis coaching, job interview training, revision of resumés/CV’s and job application letters. Based on the power of ‘co-active coaching’, the personal and professional growth of my clients are the core of these daily activities.

Why dit you decide to cowork ?

I always preferred the company of other people around me, it fuels and nurtures me. And since my job is a solitary one, it was obvious for me to look for surroundings where I was able to meet up with ‘colleagues’ during my working day.

Why did you chose Chester&Fields ?

There’s this sparkle of magic that other coworking spaces I’ve visited don’t have: I feel completely at home here, in a calm and peaceful setting, and also in the supporting company of the owner Nathalie and the other co-workers. For me, this is a energizing cocktail and is essential to my work as a coach.

Your ‘magic’ mantra?

« You think and dream about it. I believe in it. » This is based on my conviction that, with the right tools, anyone can change the things he or she wants in life.

5 X Charlotte behind the coach

. running or hiking : hiking

. beer or wine : wine

. dog or cat: cat

. movie or book : movie

. in- or outside : outside


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