Before exchanging Brussels for his hometown in Finland, our coworker Pekka shares his 'coups de coeur' of the Belgian capital.
Meet Pekka from Helsinki who just joined us: he describes  himself  as a geek with social skills. He seems to be into Star Trek and 'korvapuusti'... We want to know more!
Meet Guillaume: he divides his time between Riga and Brussels, and also between his different projects. Amongst them, a collaboration with an innovative brand of spectacles: IZIPIZI (we like!).
Meet coworker and Chester&Fields member Charlotte. Cut out to be a personal development coach, she has always some good advice to give. Her magic mantra? « You think and you dream about it. I believe in it. »
Meet Philippe, one of the first members of Chester&Fields. He's a driven entrepreneur, developing a new business model in an international environment. His magic mantra? "Failures make you successful".
Behind the façade of a distinctive mansion, a brand new coworking space is taking shape.