Florence Blaimont des WoWo se penche sur le coworking et nous explique ses avantages. Un avis de connaisseuse !

Meet Pekka from Helsinki who just joined us: he describes  himself  as a geek with social skills. He seems to be into Star Trek and 'korvapuusti'... We want to know more!
Meet coworker Guillaume : il divise son temps entre Riga et Bruxelles mais aussi entre divers projets. Entre autres une collaboration avec une marque de lunettes innovantes, IZIPIZI (on aime !).
A la rencontre de Charlotte, coach née, persuadée qu'avec les bons outils, chacun peut réaliser ses rêves.
Son mantra magique? "Vous y pensez, vous en rêvez? Moi, j'y crois!"

We're both soooo British... And we're both featuring in Elle Magazine.
It seems that even if we can work from Mount Everest -yes, there is 4G at 5200 meters!- it does not mean we want to...
The 2017 Coworking Forecast foresees more than a million coworking members in 2017. This is double the 2015 numbers and confirms the impressive growth of what is becoming a true social trend - if not a "wave".
BX1 (formerly Bruxelles Télé) has given us the honour of an item in their "@fter" magazine! Interview with our host Nathalie and a tour of the premises.
Freelancer and discovering the coworking world? Get some first-hand tips from this article in Deskmag.
A bit tired of working alone? Or already coworking and looking for a new environment? Take the New Year’s resolutions test!
Comment tirer le meilleur de soi-même (et des autres) ? En pratiquant le coworking, par exemple. Lisez l’article dans la Harvard Business Review.