Meet our members : Nathalie

Meet Nathalie, a lawyer specialised, among other things, in European public law. Lexentia, the law firm she just founded, is like her: professional, dynamic and orientated toward dialogue. These are the values that compelled her to start a new adventure and to trace her own path.

What is your job?

A bit of everything actually. I am a lawyer, initially trained in business law, and then progressively directed towards European and international public law. The two subjects are very different from each other, the topics as well as the client profile. I like to switch from one to another and vary my daily practice of law.

Why coworking?

Because, having my own practice, I had neither the time nor the energy to deal with paperwork, supplier contracts, equipment, catering, etc. Initially I chose the concept of coworking for the 'service'. But now, I adhere 100% to the concept: coworking with other professionals, having access to more space than in a small personal office, feeling the life around you, Meeting up sometimes at the corner of a corridor or sharing lunch. I really like it! It also allows me to develop my business without constraint.

Why Chester&Fields?

To be honest I did not know the Chester&Fields’ concept before I arrived. At first, I chose the office based on the location, my area of ​​expertise compels me to stay close to the European District. Now it's the authenticity and the warm and cozy setting and especially the “boutique” concept that I like.

What is your mantra?

"Smile at life and life will smile back at you!".

5X Nathalie behind the lawyer

. Your style : classic or offbeat ? Classic in form, offbeat in substance

. Trial or private arrangement ? Better a bad arrangement than a good trial

. Dining out or at home ? Both ! I like the change : dining out to discover and dining home to relax

. John Grisham ou Stephen King? John Grisham in a heartbeat!

. Dog or cat? Cat because I am so engrossed in my client files that a dog would feel ignored…





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