Meet our intern: Claire

Claire is our new member at Chester&Fields. She is the intern in charge of events. She is a rigorous and creative student, who dreams of discovering the world (and its restaurants …) !

What do you do?

I am finishing a master of public relations with a specialization in digital communication at the « Institut des Hautes Etudes de Communications Sociales » (IHECS). I really like to plan events and my studies in public relations allows me to add a corporate touch to my work.

Why did you choose Chester&Fields for your internship?

Simply because of the service provided. Chester&Fields offers a real everyday life experience and I want to make it appear through events.

Last year, I organised a big public event. So this year, I wanted to focus on corporate events. Chester&Fields offers a large variety of events and that makes the job even more exciting!

What do you like about Chester&Fields?

First, the environment. This beautiful house is the perfect mix of a British gentlemen's club universe and a cosy and comfortable cocoon.

I appreciate the idea of pampering people. I want to help them feeling good in their workplace, like home, and so doing a good work.

Your magic mantra?

“Don’t stress, do your best”

 5 X Claire

  • Romance vs thriller: Romance
  • Fast food vs slow food: Slow food
  • City museum vs forest walk: City museum
  • Twitter vs Instagram: Instagram
  • Yoga vs red wine: red wine


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