Meet our Intern: Murad

Meet Murad the newest member of the Chester&Fields team. He’s our digital communication intern. He is a young driven student, who has traveled the world and is now ready to enter the workplace.

What do you do?

I am a master student from the European School of Communications of Brussels. I study digital communications. Before the last year of my bachelor, I wanted to work in branding but I didn’t know what type of industry I wanted to be in. Then, I had the opportunity to go study in Shanghai for 4 months. After my four months abroad, I knew that I wanted to specialize in branding through digital communications.

Why did you choose to do your internship at Chester&Fields?

Contrary to the previous years I knew exactly what I wanted: something different, something out of the ordinary. Back in Shanghai, I had the chance to work for a startup, where my job was to work on their digital presence. I loved it. The concept was original and I was free to be as creative as possible. So when I was looking for my internship, I wanted to find something similar. Then I found Chester&Fields internship offer and went for an interview.

What do you like in Chester&Fields?

I honestly like every aspect of it. But I’ll explain the two things that I like the most. Firstly it’s the concept. They created a cosy coworking environment, with a unique interior design. Even though it’s a luxury coworking boutique, it just feels like home. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like work. They also offer workshops with interesting keynote speakers. I’ve worked in another coworking place. It wasn’t at all the same thing. Secondly, it’s the work itself. I have a certain level of freedom in the creative department, something I never had before. It pushes me to be more innovative. I like anything out of the ordinary; this is why I like Chester&Fields.

Your “magic” mantra

“Stop comparing yourself to other people, you’re supposed to be unique” – Sonya Parker

 5 X Murad

  • Running or biking: biking
  • Juice or Soda: Juice
  • Dog or cat: Dog
  • Movie or book: Movie
  • Inside or outside: Inside


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