Meet our members: Philippe

Meet the coworking community at Chester&Fields

Meet Philippe, one of the first members of Chester&Fields coworking boutique. He's a driven entrepreneur, developing a new business model in an international environment. His 'magic' quality? He's al-wa-ys in a good mood. We meet him in the Chester&Fields salon, with a Nespresso and a chocolate chip cookie, one of his 'little sins'.

What do you do?

I'm into business development, in the domain of the dematerialisation of legal documents. Nowadays official printed documents can be replaced by digital documents. The advantages? It's more efficient and cost-effective. So, soon, no more queuing at the bank!

Why did you decide to cowork?

I am a remote worker in an international environment. In fact, to develop this business, people are located a bit all over the world. So since I don't have a traditional office in Belgium, I need a working environment that is welcoming and at the same time allows me to work efficiently.

Why did you chose Chester&Fields?

The settings is cosy, pleasant, well situated (near Merode) and most of all has a human touch; for me, it's quite different than the other coworking spaces I've experienced. I feel at home but with the advantage of having all professional amenities at my disposal, for instance a state-of-the-art high speed internet connection. I can receive clients in the Salon or give phonecalls in The Study. And the inspiring setting and decor strenghten the quality of my work. 

Your 'magic' mantra?

'Failures make you successful'.

5X Philippe behind the businessman?

. running versus hiking:  running

. beer versus wine : wine

. dog versus cat: cat

. movie versus book: movie

. indoor versus outdoor: outdoor



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