We like to move-it move-it


At Chester&Fields we love to move. An example? The Chester&Fields folding bike, a stylish 'Bickerton', will take you to the city centre in no time. Bye bye traffic jams, hello sustainable city!  

Running in Brussels Central Park 

Nathalie, co-founder and your hostess at Chester&Fields, adores running. In the Jubelpark (Parc du Cinquantenaire), for example: 75 acres and in walking distance from Chester&Fields makes this an obvious choice. Nathalie: "The park is a green lung in Brussels and is loaded with treasures. Museums, the “Chien Vert” statue, the Horta-Lambeaux Pavilion, just to name a few. It is also the starting and finish line of the “20km of Brussels”, and there are Thai Chi-lessons during the summer. There’s always some movement in the park.”

Super shape = super food

Our new ‘crush’: coconut water, a real super food for refuelling after exercising (by the way: at Chester&Fields there is a comfortable shower). Coconut water is nature at its best: it’s yummy, has a high nutritional value, but is very low in calories. One hundred milliliter of coconut water has only 18 calories. Obrigado!


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